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B. L. Hofer, Ed.D., M.S., works with individuals, groups, organizations and community groups to

help restore hope, promote healing, and enable persons to grow into who they aspire to become. 


Dr. Hofer has over 35 years experience working in health and human service settings. Active with local and international groups, she highly values broad-based collaboration for individual and community well-being. In particular, Dr. Hofer has an interest in serving and advancing the cause of women and children; including efforts benefiting victims and survivors of interpersonal trauma and human trafficking. Her research in this area indicates a substantial and critical need for increased awareness, improved service provision, and legislative reform. She enjoys consulting, executive coaching, pastoral counseling, lecturing, and research. 


Integrative Pastoral Psychology and Research

Dr. Hofer holds a doctorate in Pastoral Community Counseling from the College of Counseling, Psychology and Social Sciences at Argosy University. Dr. Hofer is trained in diagnosis/assessment and treatment/care planning. She understands both allopathic and holistic approaches, creating a more comprehensive view of integrative health and wellness. She is trained in cognitive-behavioral, brief, narrative, solution-focused, spiritually-oriented, and other psychotherapeutic approaches. Supplementing knowledge of the medical model, Dr. Hofer is trained to integrate holistic, strengths-based concepts and practices. Further, at the doctoral level, Dr. Hofer is trained in both qualitative and quantitative research methods with supplementary training and experience in advanced qualitative analysis.

Health Care Administration and Organization Psychology

Dr. Hofer also holds a Master of Science degree in Health Services Administration from Central Michigan University. Her training and experience include leadership psychology, organizational development, administrative control and analysis, research, and legal aspects of administration. This has complimented her baccalaureate work in Interpersonal Communication and Health Science at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. Her related education and experience in Interpersonal Communication focus on psychology, sociology, communication theory, group dynamics, and public speaking. Her Health Science training and experience encompass human physiology, exercise physiology, health science, nutrition, and ethics of practice. Because the body and mind cannot be separated, an understanding of both psychology and physiology is advantageous to a comprehensive understanding of the human system as a whole.

To follow this comprehensive training is comprehensive experience. Dr. Hofer has worked in areas related to health and human services for over 20 years. This includes experience in comprehensive physical rehabilitation and mental health care settings such as trauma, memory care, traumatic brain injury, geriatric, bariatric, and more. Dr. Hofer has provided both onsite and regional leadership for outpatient and residential care facilities across the country. She has enjoyed a diversity of experiences that include directing and overseeing rehabilitation facility start-ups from inception.

Market Research, Build-Out and Regional Executive Leadership

In preparation of new clinics, Dr. Hofer conducted feasibility analyses in numerous markets; identified suitable building sites; negotiated lease agreements; oversaw build-outs; developed marketing strategies; hired professional staff; and oversaw clinical operations. With existing clinics and facilities, her forward-thinking leadership brought substantial increases in census through program/organization evaluation and targeted, strategic interventions. Dr. Hofer has managed and directed outstanding teams of executive directors; marketing directors; physical, occupational, and recreational therapists; neuropsychologists; behaviorists; social workers; dietitians; nurses; administrative staff; resident/patient caregivers; and more.

Faith-Based Organizations and Care Ministries

Ordained in 2007, Dr. Hofer has been involved with faith-based organizations for over 25 years, working with church and community leaders across the United States and abroad. Her experience includes the founding of a non-profit charter of an international faith-based organization in 2007. In addition to outreach and speaking engagements, she has partnered with faith-based organizations to establish comprehensive care and counseling programs. She has developed several group and one-to-one lay caring ministries, as well as extended pastoral care and Biblical counseling programs. Also trained as a Stephen Leader, Dr. Hofer oversaw the start-up of a new Stephen Ministry program. This role encompassed recruiting, screening, training, and supervising Stephen Ministers to provide one-to-one weekly care to assigned care receivers.